Our Story

Our Journey

When one girl’s love for chocolate met a passion for healthy eating, it inspired a unique collection of raw chocolate bars.

After founder Meg adopted a refined sugar free diet back in 2012, she saw a gap in the market for a good quality raw chocolate product that wasn’t loaded with additives or nasty sugar alternatives. Meg was focused on delivering the best tasting raw chocolate to the market, with even fewer natural sweeteners than other brands out there.

After a year of research, she launched the brand in May 2015, using the finest organic Peruvian cacao and a little coconut sugar to naturally sweeten her chocolate. Coconut sugar was the obvious choice as it’s naturally low GI and has much less fructose than other natural sweeteners such as agave. Adding cashew butter, lucuma and Madagascan vanilla, she created an indulgent vegan ‘mylk’ chocolate, and shortly after, extended the range from 8 to 12 flavours.

Our Values

We understand the importance you place on what goes into your food. That’s why we’ll always be honest about what’s in our bars and where our ingredients come from.

"We want you to feel inspired to continue your journey of eating well without having to sacrifice life’s little luxuries."

So, what makes us different to other raw chocolate brands? Aside from the indulgent taste and creative flavour combinations, it’s our commitment and passion for refined sugar free. Although some other brands also use coconut sugar and lucuma powder to naturally sweeten their bars, we use significantly less. In fact, by weight our Pure Mylk bar has almost half the amount of total sugars compared to other leading raw chocolate companies offering milk chocolate alternatives. An excuse to have a little Raw Halo every day? We like to think so.

Our Chocolate

We believe that good things come to those who wait. That’s why each of our bars are individually handcrafted and minimally heated to maintain the vital nutrients found in raw food. Better still, our investment in pioneering chocolate technology gives our chocolate its luxuriously smooth texture which simply melts in the mouth.

Reflecting our founding principles, Raw Halo chocolate is 100% natural and free from refined sugar. It’s also free from artificial sweeteners, gluten, wheat, and lactose. Wherever possible, we keep our chocolate dairy-free too, with 11 of our 12 bars being accredited by the Vegan Society. To complement our collection of raw chocolate bars, we also offer a range of delicious superfood packs for you to add to your own homemade recipes, making eating well even easier.