Nutritional & Dietary Information

Is Raw Halo chocolate certified organic?
Yes, we are proud that all of our products are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Where does Raw Halo cacao originate from?
We use only the finest organic cacao from Peru. We select the Criolla variety which is considered “the King of Cacao” because it's the most ancient and produces incredibly high quality beans which give our chocolate its unique and indulgent taste.

Is Raw Halo chocolate suitable for vegetarians?

Is Raw Halo chocolate suitable for vegans?
Yes, wherever possible our bars are suitable for vegans. Currently, 11 of our 12 bars are approved by the Vegan Society. Unfortunately our Mylk+Salted Caramel bar is not suitable for vegans as the caramel is extracted from raw dairy cream. 

Is Raw Halo chocolate suitable for people with lactose intolerance?
Yes, our full range is lactose-free. Although our Mylk+Salted Caramel bar is not suitable for vegans, it's still lactose-free.

Is Raw Halo chocolate suitable for coeliacs?

Is Raw Halo chocolate suitable for diabetics?
Our raw chocolate uses only low GI natural sweeteners which many diabetics therefore find suitable. However, we do not promote our range specifically as diabetic chocolate and recommend that you discuss your individual dietary requirements with your GP before consuming our products.

Is Raw Halo chocolate suitable for people with a nut allergy?
Unfortunately not. Nuts are used throughout many of our recipes. Where nuts are not featured in some of our recipes, we cannot guarantee they would be free from nuts due to the same equipment being used throughout our production.

Is Raw Halo chocolate GM free?

What are the nutritional values of Raw Halo chocolate bars?
These vary slightly per bar. Click the product you’d like to know more about and you’ll find full nutritional information for each bar. We also provide a nutritional table on the back of each of our chocolate bars.

Why do you call your milk bars ‘mylk’?
There are strict regulations in place preventing the use of the word ‘milk’ where a product does not contain any actual milk content. As all of our bars do not contain any milk, we use the word ‘mylk’ instead to show this as our milk chocolate equivalent. This spelling is commonly used in the health food world to describe products containing milk equivalents (e.g. almond mylk, coconut mylk etc.). Our mylk raw chocolare bars use pure cashew nut butter and lucuma powder to give a creamier taste.


Can Raw Halo packaging be recycled?
Yes, all of our packaging is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

How is Raw Halo chocolate packaged?
All of our chocolate bars are individually hand wrapped using recyclable food grade wax paper backed foil with an outer recyclable paper wrapper. We do not use any plastic packaging for our chocolate bars.


How much does delivery cost in the UK?
Our Standard Delivery costs £1.99. Next Day Special Delivery costs £7.99. Spend £25 or more and get free Standard Delivery.

How long does delivery take?
All of our orders are despatched next day by Royal Mail first class post.

Can Raw Halo be delivered outside of the UK?
Yes, we currently offer delivery throughout Europe. Please keep in mind the weather conditions when placing your order as chocolate will melt easily when being shipped to warm climates. Please contact us before placing your order to discuss your options. 

Storage Information

What is the average shelf life of Raw Halo chocolate?
All of our bars have at least a 9 month shelf life from the date of production. 

Does Raw Halo chocolate need to be kept in the fridge?
No, our chocolate bars are best stored at room temperature. Storing our chocolate in the fridge can cause “chocolate bloom” which is when a pale white layer can be seen on the surface of the chocolate. If your chocolate melts due to hot weather, it’s fine to refrigerate until it solidifies (20-30 minutes should be enough) but this should then be stored back in a cool cupboard.

Sales & Marketing

Can I stock Raw Halo chocolate in my shop / cafe?
Yes, absolutely! Our bars are loved by everyone – ranging from absolute chocoholics to health fanatics and true foodies so we’re confident that they’ll sell in any type of food shop, cafe or yoga studio. Submit your stockist enquiry here .

Can I review Raw Halo chocolate on my blog?
Yes, we love to hear what you think of our chocolate. If you’d like to review Raw Halo chocolate, just drop us an email. Remember to include your blog URL, audience and how you discovered our brand.